2017 Jewel

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• Medium flex offers ideal balance between support and mobility
• High performance, high cushion interior
• Dual closure styles for optimal fit and flex
• Quick and easy entry/exit
• HHD design locks heel into place

2017 Jewel: This female-specific boot is designed with the same two-zone closure system as the RAD boot but is scaled-down for a lower-profile fit. Featuring a two-zone closure system with a synch-tight interior and one upper strap, the Jewel provides the perfect balance between high comfort and high performance. For 2017 we’ve integrated upgrades both inside and out, including our new Gummy Strap closure system, improved interior padding and HHD (heel hold down) technology and our completely reworked K9 mounting system. For female riders looking for a boot designed specifically for their ergonomics and aesthetics, look no farther than the Jewel.

Gummy Straps: The Jewel comes with two sets of gummy straps (Orange and Purple). Straps of other colors can be purchased individually and are cut-to-fit.



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