2017 Pearl

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Slingshotin jalokivi joka on suunnattu parkkien kuningattarille. Sopii mainiosti niin kaapeliin kuin veneen perään.

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2017 Pearl: The Pearl is a female-specific board with a classic user-friendly shape that provides unmatched maneuverability and speed. The Pearl’s features a continuous rocker, smooth tapered outline and elliptical concave. The result is a quick and snappy board that carves like crazy and performs exceptionally well both in park and behind the boat. If you’re a rider who charges all conditions and wants a board that won’t hold you back, the Pearl is a perfect fit.

• Fast, fun, free-feeling ride
• Designed for hard-charging female riders
• The best carving board in our line
• Medium flex gives great pop off the wake
• All-around design excels in all conditions




134cm, 137cm


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