Ride Engine Shredtown Impact Vest Cypress

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• Cushy impact-protection from features and hard crashes
• 20-piece foam segmentation maximizes comfort and maneuverability
• Made from high-end Limestone-based neoprene
• No toxic hydrophobic coatings or chemicals
• Shirt-cut, no “turtle-neck” vibes
• Closes with full front zipper, snaps and double buckles

Shredtown Pro: The Shredtown Pro is custom designed by the most recognized group of athletes in wake, the Shredtown Crew. This stylish and fully-functional impact vest offers a boost of floatation and invaluable protection from the splat landings and collisions with hard obstacles that are mandatory with this hard-charging crew of riders. Custom designed by the Shredtown Crew, this vest is constructed with high-grade limestone neoprene and is not treated with chemicals or hydrophobic coatings that wash off over time.
Non-CGA approved



S, M, L, XL


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