• Ale!

    Ride Engine Aire 4mm bootie

    65.00 59.00 sis alv 24%.
    The Aire 4mm is a serious, seam-sealed cold water bootie that will keep your feet warm and happy without compromising mobility or performance.
  • Ale!

    Ride Engine Jedi Robe

    59.00 49.00 sis alv 24%.
    • Knee-length pullover keeps you warm and covered as you change • Comfortable for lounging • Hood helps block wind and sun • Works better than a towel • One size fits all
  • Ale!

    2019 Jewel

    399.00 279.00 sis alv 24%.
    FOR GIRLS WHO GET RAD A pro level boot for girls who can’t be bothered by the whole pink butterfly and sparkles campaign. This boot is high performance, tough, and durable, made for the full-time shredder.
  • Ale!

    2019 Turbine

    1189.00 789.00 sis alv 24%.


    With more power per square meter than any other kite in our lineup, the 2019 Turbine is a high-aspect, high-efficiency kite designed for hero-level shredding in wind as light as a mellow onshore breeze.

  • Ale!

    2019 RPM

    701.00785.00 sis alv 24%.


    For years, the RPM was fine-tuned to load, pop and go slack in the air before re-engaging. We had the tuning down to a science, and it helped give multiple freestyle world champions their gold medals. Our mission with the 2019 RPM was to change that - not to eliminate anything - but to shift the kite’s tuning to where we see the sport shifting. At the level the RPM is designed for that means bigger, better, loftier in-air performance. From slack to soar, the 2019 RPM is the world’s go-to kite for versatile freeride performance.

  • Ale!

    2019 SST

    645.00869.00 sis alv 24%.
    FREEDOM AT LASST The SST means surf, foiling, freeride freedom. Carve upwind for miles to find the best swell, slash harder than riders half your age, then dash downwind, swap your surfboard for a foil and do it all over again. The magic of the SST is in its amazing drift and responsive handling, even when depowered, sheeted out and drifting downwind. Where any other kite would barely steer at all, or fall out of the sky, the SST drifts like a feather remaining quick and reactive at the bar, almost as if it knows what you’re going to do before you do it.
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    2019 Misfit

    489.00 366.00 sis alv 24%.
  • Ale!

    2017 RPM

    822.00 619.00 sis alv 24%.
    You’ll love the RPM if you want the ultimate freeride-freestyle crossover kite that you can progress with but will never outgrow.
  • Ale!

    2017 Rad

    449.00 279.00 sis alv 24%.
    2017 Rad on hieman korkeampi profiililtaan kuin sen serkku Shredtown eikä siinä ole irroitettavaa sisäkenkää. Radissa on uusi gummy strap kiristys joten saat sen varmasti tukevaksi. Gummy strapejä on tilattavissa sateenkaaren väreissä joten voit customoida siteet oman mielen mukaan. Sopii loistavasti myös käytettävän leijalaudan kanssa.
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    2017 Jewel

    389.00 291.00 sis alv 24%.
  • Ale!

    Compstic w/ Sentinel

    449.00 349.00 sis alv 24%.
    • Streamline above-the-bar depower • Below-the-bar swivel keeps lines untwisted • Bomber Slingshot construction • Strongest and longest lasting lines available • Easy, reliable safety release
  • Ale!

    2017 Misfit

    475.00 332.00 sis alv 24%.
    • One board to rule all conditions • Slices through chop & rips up wind • Progress quickly with but will not outgrow • Smooth, consistent flex w/ Carbon Bedrock Inserts • Dynamic, durable, hand built wood-core construction